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I offer ad banner space on LifeLipstickandLeigh to one brand per month, for brands that I have worked with previously and absolutely adore. I aspire for my ads to be an endorsement of products that I truly believe in and aim to promote to my followers, because I know that they too will love them. So, if you know that I love your product or establishment please do get in touch for an advertising slot. Please email me here for details.


I live in Bournemouth, so if I am available I would love to come along. Please email me here.


I do not accept guest posts on LifeLipstickandLeigh as I prefer all content to be written by myself in a particular style. Please contact here if you would like to talk about a collaboration opportunity on LifeLipstickandLeigh.


I generally only accept samples for a review that has been agreed prior to posting.  This also ensures that everything featured on LifeLipstickandLeigh is an honest interpretation and something that I wholeheartedly would recommend to my readers.

I only feature products that I use in my daily routine, whether this is beauty or fashion, or services, travel or food / drink that I would recommend. My aim is to create a reliable and trustworthy source of lifestyle information for all of my readers and I will never be paid or gifted anything other than to speak honestly about a product or brand.

Further to the above, unfortunately I do not have the time to review products or branding that I feel I would not recommend to my readers or are not relevant to my own lifestyle.

Please contact here if you would like a guaranteed post on LifeLipstickandLeigh, subject to me believing in the brand and knowing that I would do my utmost to promote your brand further to my readers.


For any commercial queries related to advertising, modelling, sponsorship or collaborations, please DM me via Instagram @Lifelipstickandleigh as you will receive a response back from me quicker) or please send me an email

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