So guys, if like me you’ve never indulged in a chemical facial peel before and the images you’ve conjured up probably resemble having your outer layer of skin been burnt and peeled off, forcing you to stay at home ‘in hiding’ for the next 48 hours, then think again!

Following our fabulous evening at The Smart Skin Care Salon in Bournemouth (an invitation with the Bournemouth Bloggers), I was kindly invited back for a tailored facial (gifted) by the lovely Marta (the salon’s owner), and my experience was nothing like the images I’d envisaged. In fact, the whole experience was one of total bliss, leaving me feeling pampered and with glowing skin.

On arrival I was greeted by Marta who explained that she performed a skin analysis consultation on clients using a skin diagnosis system, we would both look through the results together and then Marta would tailor my facial depending on the results of my skin. How perfect, but what would we find?


Firstly, I had to answer a series of questions about my lifestyle, diet, skincare products etc. which were all recorded on my client data. Then using a machine (which resembled a white remote control), connected to a PC and software, Marta zapped away at my forehead, cheeks, around the eyes, chin and neck area. Within minutes the results were analysed and we could view, Marta also emailed me a copy, which were really detailed and provided recommendations about what I should do to improve the condition of my skin. The areas of skin analysis were broken down as follows:

  • AREA “T”
  • AREA “U”

Okay, so the results showed I had ‘deep’ wrinkles in my forehead (sob), and this area lacked moisture. This was interesting as had I known my forehead was prone to dryness years ago, I would have slapped on that moisturiser like it was going out of fashion! My “T” area was also ‘alarming’ – alarming? The word Botox was now beginning to ring in my ears, however Marta re-assured me that this area was just very dry and lacked moisture. After having this analysis, I would highly recommend, especially to those in their late teens and early twenties, as prevention is definitely better than cure.


With the results in mind, Marta explained my skin would be treated to an Alpha Chemical which increases cell turnover and renewal rates in the skin, stimulating a burst of exfoliation. The F Peel, containing a vitamin C mesococktail would prevent my skin from aging, help with an uneven complexion and to help my skin fight wrinkles. This all sounded fantastic.

Marta firstly cleansed my skin and then applied the first mask with a brush, it didn’t hurt or sting (just smelt very strong), it was very pleasant and cooling. The mask was left to dry and then the second applied, I was so relaxed I’m not entirely sure how long this was left on for, as it was such a dreamy experience.


Following the two peels, a Blackcurrant Algae Mask was applied to the fresh skin, this was to help nourish the skin from within, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Marta left me to relax for 10 minutes listening to music whilst the mask set (I think I may have even dozed off at some point it was so calming); such a contrast to how I imagined a chemical peel would be – I didn’t look like John Travolta in Face Off after all! Once the mask (which looked good enough to eat) had set and was removed, Marta treated my skin to a generous layer of stem cell cream, again to help with the production of collagen and elastin, Purlés professional products were used during the treatment.


Leaving the salon feeling rejuvenated and with fresh glowing skin (see below), I wondered why I hadn’t treated myself to a chemical facial before? Our skin is so important and really worth investing a little more time and money into.

Whilst we all indulge in beauty products that we use in our daily skin-care routines it is also worth treating ourselves to three or four professional facials a year. The advantages of a professional beautician performing a facial extends to the facial massage which helps stimulate the muscles and lymphatic system giving our skin that radiant glow. It’s also useful to be able to call on expert advice from a professional that understands your skin-type and lifestyle and those awkward times when you may be having a break-out or those dreaded hormonal changes. Expert advice is certainly guaranteed from Marta. So, all in all I will definitely be booking my next papering session very soon.

Gifted (see disclaimer). All views & content my own.

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