Spring is definitely here and it won’t be long before we are sat soaking up the sun in a bistro garden somewhere, sipping an Aperol Spritz whilst donning shades, summer dresses, sandals and our bare legs. I for one cannot wait. However, are your winter legs ready to come out from hibernation after spending the previous 5 months covered up in skinny jeans and opaque tights?!

I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy a week’s holiday in the sun but my tan is fading fast, and I think it’s about time I got ready to ‘fake it’ before these legs make an appearance, and don’t we all fake it at some point?!

St.Moriz Professional Tanning Mousse

So, if you are going to use fake tan, I recommend St.Moriz Professional Tanning Mousse, which I have recently discovered and am becoming slightly addicted to. I know not everyone likes to fake tan, some people prefer their natural self, however if you do feel more confident and alive with a bit of a glow, then give this product a try:


  1. I always exfoliate first which does not involve anything too complicated. Just shower, treat the legs to a shave and gently rub down any dead skin cells with a body brush, loofah or mitt.
  2. Pat yourself dry and shake the mousse first, then apply the tanning mousse to an applicator mitt, using a mitt makes the overall application much easier to apply helping you achieve an even finish. It also prevents staining on your hands.
  3. Once you’ve applied the mousse to the mitt, just rub into your skin and coat evenly. You’ll find the mousse turns a golden-brown colour instantly which is brilliant as you can actually see the product soak into the skin and you know exactly where you’ve applied, avoiding too much build up in some areas. The mousse really is fantastic to apply as it doesn’t drip, streak or have any sort of smell. It’s more like applying a good quality moisturiser to be honest.
  4. Repeat the whole process evenly over your legs, body and arms (I have even applied to my face too and it does go on rather well). The product literally dries in minutes, so there is no waiting around and it doesn’t feel sticky at all (the colour develops gradually in the next 4 to 6 hours).
  5. Finally, and this is just my preference – I apply one of my favourite light moisturisers over the top just to add an extra shimmer and voila you are literally ready to go!
  6. To rinse off just simply shower in luke warm water, you don’t have to use shower gel or any other products. As an added bonus the product never seems to stain clothes or bed linen either which is brilliant.

St. Moriz is available in 2 different shades so there is a mousse to suit just about anyone’s skin tone. My natural skin tone is fairly olive so I prefer to use the darker product. The result is a great tan colour (not orange) like some products on the market.

The price tag is also very attractive, I recently stocked up on the XL mousse cannisters (shown in the earlier picture), which are currently on offer at Home Bargains but available from any good beauty retailers.

I would also invest in a high quality tanning applicator mitt,  I always use the mitts available by Skinny Tan, they are super absorbent and you just hand wash out using a little washing powder and then leave to dry.

So, if you are looking to achieve a bronzed coloured tan with a professional finish and without the need for any UV rays then the St. Moriz tanning lotion is perfect for you!

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