Please do not scroll by if you are still young and care-free! This post may prevent you from sporting dodgy eyebrows for the rest of your adult life. I’m probably going to sound like a boring old fart (if you do carry on reading this post); and don’t get me wrong, I went out clubbing in the day until 6 am in the morning like the best of them, but ever so occasionally I just wish that I’d listened to what my mother had to say!


Now a mono-brow is never a good look, however the ‘in-thing’ when I started to shape my brows was to pluck them to within an inch of their lives and then paint them on again with a pencil? I could never understand the theory either, but when you are young and impressionable you sometimes just go along with a fashion craze. And for those of us old enough to remember Brooke Shields who was not only known for her ‘natural’ beauty and acting skills but most famously known for her set of eyebrows. Those eyebrows used to attract more media attention than she did.  However, just look at the girl and those beautiful brows – which are now bang on trend. So, ladies if you decide to change your appearance (permanently), do think twice about the consequences.  As a result of my over-zealous plucking I am left with two dodgy shaped brows which now refuse to grow and I have to paint on every morning. I know I could have them micro-bladed etc. but my natural brows were like the gorgeous Brooke Shields, so what a shame to meddle with what nature intended.


I had so many opportunities to learn to ski, be it school trips or free coaching lessons and expeditions whilst serving in the Air Force. Of course, I could kick myself now but years ago I poo pooed it preferring to vacate to sunnier climates, partying the night away and spending hours on a lounger trying to perfect my tan (no doubt ruining my skin in the process). Fast-forward many years and I so wish that I’d learnt to ski, especially as most of our friends go away during the winter on skiing holidays. I know, it’s never too late to learn but as you ‘mature’ you do lose your confidence and it serves me right for putting it off forever. I just feel that I would have too much catching up to do now and the outcome would be less Duchess of Cambridge and more Bridget Jones.


Has anyone else tried the experiment of placing a two pence coin into a drop of diet cola and leaving it to soak for a few hours? You should if you are a diet cola addict, it cleans the coin better than a tin of furniture polish, so just think what it is doing to your insides not to mention your teeth. At my worst I think I drank about 4 cans of diet cola a day – I drank it to suppress my appetite and keep my energy levels up, crazy thinking about it now. I only wish I’d drank water in abundance instead. It’s great to see teens walking about holding bottles of water instead of those energy drinks, which I think should be banned.


I’m not shopping for Hush Puppies just yet, and still like to indulge in heels for nights out but I so wish I hadn’t tried to stuff my size 8’s into shoes that were clearly a size too small, just because I loved them!

It’s crazy and ironic really and I wonder why the hell we do it? As a mother myself we drag our off-springs off to the nearest Clarks shoe shop as soon as they take 4 steps. Queue for hours awaiting our turn for the cherubs to have their feet sized correctly then wrestle whilst coaxing them into trying on 20 pairs of shoes, finally giving in and purchasing the pair with the toy in the heel because we are too exhausted to deal with anymore tantrums. Sound familiar?

So, why all that care and attention in the early years to blow it all on fashionable shoes later? In fact, my feet were so distorted at one point that I had to have an operation to straighten my left foot out, and that’s another story all in-itself. If only I’d worn more sensible shoes? But would I?


A little regretful, but only when I walk past and always wonder ‘what if?’

The first house we ever viewed after deciding to settle in Dorset, ticked all those boxes! South-facing garden, garage, 4 bed-rooms, ‘Do-er Upper’, the perfect location, just within our budget, the only snag was it was the very first house we’d viewed! What if there was something more perfect out there?

Why do us women do it? It’s like the very first dress we try on during a shopping trip, it fits and looks perfect however we still spend another 3 hours trudging around the high street, only to return to the first store and then find the last dress in our size is no longer there and it isn’t available to order online, why or why? I suppose it was this mentality that put the brakes on, however this time it wasn’t just a dress – it was potentially our first home. Surely, we couldn’t have found it so quickly and acquired that ‘feeling’ after only one viewing? But we had. And obviously by the time we realised it, somebody else had realised it too (the house has never been on the market again and seems to be someone’s forever home). We then spent the next 18 months searching for other houses and then bought the wrong house, eventually moving again after only 18 months which caused a big financial loss and lots of upheaval.

The morale of the story here is definitely always trust your gut feelings as they will always lead you to the right answer listen to advice but never let anyone talk you out of it if you truly believe you are doing the right thing for you.


Please don’t judge me as I have no idea why I smoked socially especially as I was such a sportswoman, a lot of my friends did so I suppose it was peer pressure. Although I only generally smoked whilst out socialising, (but I did a lot of socialising) over the years and it seemed to be the cool thing to do, just look at James Dean. However, I don’t have to explain the consequences health-wise of smoking, not to mention the smell, expense and it is completely uncool and socially unacceptable. So, all a big mistake and a big no, no.


Okay so the band Five Star had quite a lot to do with this one (if you don’t know who they are or what the product Sun-in was back then), I wouldn’t worry about it and would just move right on. Seriously, what the hell where we all thinking?

So, most of us that tried this product had dark brown hair but had reached the age where we wanted to be wannabe blondes but didn’t have the cash or the time to visit a salon (and this little product was strong enough to strip the life out of anything really). Directions: All you had to do was wash your hair, spray in the product, blow-dry your hair out (the more heat the better) and wait for the magic to happen.

And did it ever, she writes chuckling to herself!! I remember the majority of my class, (I went to an all girls’ school) sporting two whole summer terms with rather cringy orange hair, not a lush auburn colour but something that resembled a bad dose of diarrhea! I remember it wrecking our hair too and took ages to grow out! The glory, glory days – at least it’s a talking point now during our school reunions.

I am sure I could re-count many more, however these in the main are the most memorable ones for various reasons, life is about living and hopefully learning from your mistakes or if you have the opportunity to do things differently the second time around. PS. I actually did have the ‘Silk and Steel’ album, but don’t tell anyone ……..

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