So, everyone should have wish lists and aspirations. Why is it though, that we generally need to have a major event looming (like a big birthday) or something significant has happened to a friend or loved one that makes us suddenly jolt into taking action and actually put into practice what we’ve always dreamed of doing?

I cannot believe that next year marks the 30th anniversary of when I joined the Air Force! How scary is that?? I remember the train journey to RAF Swinderby as if were yesterday (and I’d do it all again in a flash). But it just goes to show how quickly life passes us by if we let it. A neighbour of ours’ once said whilst she was in the midst of renovating a house, and always broke, she always managed to find the funds to take her two children on holiday each year no matter what. She reiterated that children do not remember new carpets or new bedroom floors, but they will always remember a family vacation and the fun they had. Such a true statement and one I’ll never forget. Anyway, I do have a bit of big birthday LOOMING next year so here’s my bucket list, what’s yours?



Probably a little bit unoriginal as it’s something that everyone wants to do but there’s just something about these happy little mammals that I adore. Regretfully, I did have the opportunity to jump in the ocean whilst I was in the Falkland Islands to join these guys, but it was absolutely freezing at the time. Florida is more my cup of tea!  


Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been fascinated by the Big Apple. Although I have already experienced a piece of America by travelling to Dallas, Texas. New York, this big colourful city that never sleeps, always drawers me in. Definitely one day.


Getting drenched in rain and spending the weekend knee-deep in mud only started to appeal to me a few years ago. Probably after we arrived in Dorset and now having experienced several family camping trips, particularly a rather enjoyable one spent at Camp Bestial, Lulworth Castle. I am now longing to dig out my Hunters and denim cut-offs, in preparation for a festival of live music, laughter and of course the odd drink or two.   


I do feel very fortunate in life and I am always thankful. I often tell myself I am a very lucky girl to be able to live where I live and do the things that I do. Not wishing to sound like a ‘do-gooder’, I do get involved with charity work where I can but I know sometimes you simply cannot make the world a better place single-handedly or change everything, however I feel as though I could give more back and this is something I have always wanted to do. More action on my part I think and less excuses. 


As a ‘retired’ sportsperson due to a foot injury, resulting in me being diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (#CRPS) and as we speak a current back issue. I will always continue to strive to recover and would love to challenge myself even further by competing in a triathlon. I don’t think my doggy paddle would cut the mustard in the sea swim just yet, so swimming lessons are on my agenda, maybe one day.


I don’t think I need to go into too much detail about this one. We all have that inner child hidden away somewhere and I just feel that this would be a truly memorable experience and something to cherish as a family forever. I could even swim with those dolphins too! Must start saving the pennies for this one though. 


Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy listening to a bit of the old Bublé, especially during the lead up to Christmas? I have been to quite a few gigs over the years as I love listening to live music, my taste is quite diverse. I was lucky enough to see the late and legendary George Michael at Wembley Stadium (twice) but one of the best concerts I’ve seen was Coldplay last year.


As dull as dishwater but very, true. A life free of mortgage repayments and to own your home, now how appealing does that sound? No more huge debt and just think of all the new ventures you could start to try, not to mention all the fabulous shoe and handbags you could add to your collection. Note to self, must buy more lottery tickets or work extra hard. 


This city always looks so luxurious, particularly the 7*hotels although I can’t quite see them featuring in Airbnb. Dubai is a place I have been longing to visit, even to people watch and for experiencing a little extravagance for a long weekend. I do have a birthday coming up.


Nothing is more therapeutic than a good belly laugh and Peter Kay always manages to make me achieve just that. As a fellow Northerner I get his sense of humour and can relate to everything he says. I sometimes laugh so much at his sketches that my face aches but laughing is infectious. We did manage to purchase tickets for one of his shows at the O2 in London but sadly he cancelled all his gigs. Let’s just hope all is well in the Peter Kay camp. Nevermind, I’m sure we will get to see him one day.

So put your bucket and spade down peeps, what are you waiting for, life is far too short ….. stop listing your dreams and start living them.

As ever, thank you for stopping by

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  1. 14 April 2020 / 7:52 pm

    I love your bucket list! I would love to go to Glastonbury too! Hopefully, when everything is back to normal you will be able to make plans! Congratulations on 30 years in the Air Force.

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