We all want skin as smooth as a babies bottom, right? I have been fortunate enough to inherit my mum’s genes in the skin department and for this I am truly blessed. As a qualified beautician, the largest part of our training consisted of studying the skin, skin types and skin conditions. My fabulous tutor who had been lucky enough to work for a lot of the leading skin-care brands did teach us early on in the course that life-style and genetics do have a large part to play in helping us with that healthy glow. However looking after our skin and treating it with good products that work with your skin, only helps to enhance it.

I do believe this statement.  I don’t buy an excessive number of skin-care products and never have. I have what is known in the profession as normal skin, rarely break out in spots and have yet to consider Botox (although never say never)! The only thing my skin is prone to is dryness, especially during the summer, so I always invest in good moisturisers, sun cream and after sun. After the glorious summer we’ve been enjoying so far, they’ve been put to the test. Read on for some of my favourite skin-care products.


L’Oreal Age Perfect:  Since my early teenage years, I’ve always moisturised my face after showering and before bedtime, however I have changed products over the years. I started with Olay as my late aunt had beautiful skin and used this, then switched to Clinique and now use L’OREAL Age-Perfect Day Cream, (and the night cream) which I have now used for over ten years. The L’Oreal Age Perfect range is designed to help with age spots, sagging skin (I know depressing, right)? but is so moisturising. I love L’Oreal as it soaks in beautifully, makes my skin feel instantly lifted and doesn’t sting my eyes like some face-creams (and of course we are worth it).

E45 Cream:  My skin rarely gets sensitive (I know I am lucky for this), but when it does I always reach for my little tube of E45 Cream. This is brilliant for itchy skin or dry skin conditions and I always apply to my face on holiday if I’ve  spent too long in the sun. It’s very gentle and soothes sore skin.

Sanctuary Micellar Cleansing Water:  This cleansing water is my favourite by far, it looks like water in the bottle but once pumped onto cotton wool it creates a mouse. So light and cleanses heavy duty make-up (and glitter) without stinging and does not leave the face feeling tight (which I don’t like). It’s also Vegan friendly, Foaming Micellar Cleansing Water

TIPS FOR THE LIPS (brows or cheeks)

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream:  I love this award-winning skin cream which deeply moisturises and protects skin any-time, I use this on my lips if they ever get chapped. Dermalogically-tested and clinically shown to hydrate and protect skin for eight hours! Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant

Nivea:  My favourite from Nivea has to be the Lip Balm Butter, particularly the little pink tin which gives a subtle pink glossy finish. I took 2 of these tins out to the Falkland Islands with me for my 4-month tour out there, the weather can be so extreme. I wasn’t allowed to wear lipstick in combat (oh no!), but this gave me a pink tint which I just about got away with!! Nivea Lip-Balm Butter


Body Shop Body Butter:  I have been a huge fan of the Body Shop since it first launched and love all of their products (in fact I will do a post solely on the Body Shop). My favourite all time moisturiser has to be The Body Shop Body Butter. I am currently using the peach, which smells delicious and is very summery. I also love the cocoa which has a tint to it and gives your legs a little glow. All their products being 100% vegetarian too.

NSpa Mum-To-Be Nourishing Stretch Mark Oil:  Nope, I’m not expecting the pitter, patter of babies’ feet! But I do still use this oil as it is so soft and re-hydrating (especially great for dry feet), rub a little on before popping your socks on, your feet then feel all smooth and silky soft. I used this on my tummy during both pregnancies, lucky to say I didn’t get any stretch marks. I used it religiously both day and night, my bump was not one of the neat little bumps, oh no – I was the size of a house and then some! so I went through quite a few bottles, it did what is says on the tin though!  NSPA Mum-To-Be – Nourishing Stretch Mark Oil

Dove DermaSpa Revived Self-Tanning Body Lotion:  Who doesn’t fake it occasionally?? I do, although I have olive skin and tan fairly easy, I use this when I am feeling pale in the winter months. I think having a little bit of colour does give you a healthy glow and is an instant pick-me up. With the Dove DermaSpa Revived Self-Tanning Body Lotion I find it easy to apply, is relatively streak free and very moisturising, made from Compressed natural seed oils. It also smells very nice too.


Pitz Buin:  I have been a huge fan of Pitz Buin from the age of ten! (following a lovely family holiday to Menorca). My mum and dad lathered me in Pitz Buin from head to toe and then the after-cream. I have been using it ever since, it isn’t over fragranced, is brilliant to apply, not oily or drippy and doesn’t seem to melt or turn into that watery consistency when left out in the sun. I’ve never had prickle heat rash when using and never experienced sun-burn (but please remember I am quite olive toned and always use a high factor to begin a holiday with, petering down to at least a 15). The Pitz Buin After-sun Intensifying Moisturising Lotion is brilliant too, containing vitamin E and is so cooling on the skin. Applying an after-sun is a must, and it also helped to enhance and lock in that tan.


Bronnley Hand Lotion:  This is so nourishing and smells divine. I always use a big dollop of this on an evening after doing the dishes. Bronnley Orange and Jasmine Hand Lotion


Germolene:  This is a little gem of a product that I discovered whilst living in Italy. I found it really useful for mosquito bites and it also helped with nappy rash.

And, don’t forget there’s nothing better for our skin than H20 especially 8 glasses a day. I can always tell when I have not drunk enough water as I’ll start to get those dehydrated type of headaches around 3 pm. A tip of mine is to take a decent sized water bottle into work / college / school etc. with you and keep filling it up and drinking as you go. It will make a different to your skin and overall health.  Don’t forget to eat a healthy balanced diet too, along with plenty of exercise.

Finally, sleep is another necessity and is so important for restoring the skin and healing the body as we sleep. Try and go to bed at a decent hour, after all they don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing! Talking of which time for me to snuggle down, night peeps. I hope you’ve found some of this useful.

Photographs By: Leigh / MC

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