Swim in Ya Pants!

  And we did exactly that!
Whilst I have been fortunate enough not to have experienced mental health issues myself. My dear mum who sadly passed away in September 2016, suffered with dementia for 4 years until her passing. Those who have lost loves ones to Dementia and those that are still suffering, know what a terrible and cruel illness this is and the effect it has on those around them.

Autism is also pivotal in my family, and I have friends who have battled through post-natal depression while many others still struggle with their mental health illness on a daily basis. Whilst I don’t want to dwell on the above too much in this particular blog, there is still stigma out there surrounding mental health …………

So, I was first alerted to this event via a Facebook feed, “Swim in Ya Pants”, and like it says on the tin, the event was to help raise funds and awareness for mental health by swimming in your pants. Having read a little more into the event and by doing a spot of research, I found out that swimming in the sea can assist in helping those suffering with depression to sleep, due to the magnesium in the sea, fight infection, improve a patient’s response to the stresses which can trigger depression and even burns calories!

The event looked like it could be a bit of a giggle, with all those benefits and how easy? Requiring only a pair of knickers, Dutch courage and a very thick skin (and of course a willing but crazy like – minded friend to join me).

After all who wouldn’t plunge themselves into the sea on a freezing cold morning in December clad only in a vest, pair of knickers and swim cap?

Thank you to our group of supporters who also braved the weather on that freezing cold Sunday morning to laugh (at us) and cheer us into the sea.

I must admit it’s the first time I have ever been rendered speechless – the sheer coldness of the sea literally did take my breath away, however after a very brisk swim my body did begin to absorb the shock. (Nichola did stay emerged slightly longer than me)!

Afterwards, once showered and dry again we felt very exhilarated and I definitely slept like a log that night.

If you’d like to read more or to donate: Swimming Against Depression

(this event took place near Boscombe Pier)

Photography: Sasha



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